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Literacy Development

literacy development

Around 4 years of age, children begin to learn early literacy skills. Early literacy skills are the most important building block for future educational success. Confidence in reading will allow your child to thrive and learn. It is important to know the development of literacy skills and when to be concerned. Early intervention is key…

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5 Ways to Increase your Child’s Intelligibility

Intelligibility refers to how clearly a child is able to speak and how much of their speech an adult is able to understand. Often, parents are able to understand a child’s speech much better than others due to familiarity. However, it is important address your child’s intelligibility so that they will be able to clearly…

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5 Ways Teletherapy can Help Your Child During COVID-19


With a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in almost every state and the president declaring the country in a state of emergency, teletherapy has gone from a possibility to a  reality for many schools and families. Many schools have closed their doors for the next few weeks, leaving hundreds of thousands of students without therapy…

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6 Ways to Encourage Communication with Your Toddler at Home

When you’re at home with your toddler, it’s common to fall into the trap of anticipating what your child wants without them expressing their needs verbally. As parents, you also get used to your child’s speech patterns, despite the flaws, and this can result in speech and language delays. Even though it’s easier to respond…

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5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

improving social skills

Are you worried your child is behind socially? Humans are social animals. Even the most introverted person still desires a connection with another person. Here, we share tips to improve your child’s social skills that can easily be incorporated into your schedule. Lack of good social skills can cause a lot of problems for children…

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Increasing your Child’s Expressive Language Skills

How can you get involved? Feeling like your child is falling behind in their communication and expressive language skills can be tough but if you’re reading this then you’re on the right path to making proactive steps to improve your child’s development. But where do you start? This is a question we hear a LOT;…

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The Human Connection and Virtual Speech Therapy

virtual speech therapy

The Journey to Connect Teletherapy The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association considers telepractice a relevant approach to speech therapy. When considering virtual speech therapy, there could be concerns if a true connection can be missed. Can a bond be created via virtual therapy? Do clients miss out on learning true social skills? However, there are so many…

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How Teletherapy is Breaking Barriers:

4 Barriers to Entry with Traditional Speech Therapy and Teletherapy If you’re new to the idea of teletherapy and you’ve not already read our previous blog post “what is teletherapy” then please check that post out as well. You can also check out ASHA’s stance on teletherapy. Teletherapy is a really simple concept. By making…

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What is Speech Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is a hugely expanding service that is improving the ability of clients to connect with speech therapists virtually. Due to limited access and full schedules, speech therapists are now seeing their clients virtually. Teletherapy allows for schools, parents, and individuals seeking speech therapy services to connect with knowledgable professionals while allowing flexibility in scheduling…

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