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Online Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Mental Health Services

Accessible. Educational. Fun.

Quality Service

We ensure online therapy will be your only choice by making our service convenient, accessible, and educational for parents and children.

Devoted Therapists

We select our professionally licensed therapists based on their ability to connect with others and deliver outstanding therapy sessions.

Nationally Recognized

We are the go to choice for schools and families seeking online speech and occupational therapy services throughout the country.

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is more commonly called online therapy. This refers to the use of modern telecommunication tools to enhance learning. Connect Teletherapy utilizes teletherapy for the delivery of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health services to families and schools. Teletherapy is a new and exciting avenue for children to receive the services they need in a fun and interactive manner.

Growing Practice

In recent years, the demand for online therapy has been on the rise. There are now over 6 million children in need of online special education therapy services. Location and travel are no longer barriers to working with the best professionals in the field. We service schools districts and families in ALL 50 states. Our licensed therapists are carefully selected to meet our high standards of excellence.

What We Aim For

Connect Teletherapy aims to connect professional therapists to schools, clients, parents, and children. Our mission is to make access to therapy easier by connecting individuals to specialists completely virtually while receiving the same level of care and professionalism they deserve.

Who Do We Work With?


We work with public, private, charter, and online schools to provide speech and occupational related services.


Whether parents are looking for initial or in additional to services on a current IEP, we are able to help.


Connect Teletherapy offers free preschool screenings to communities throughout the United States.

What Skills Do We Address?

Social Skills

Yes, social skills! We offer group sessions to address pragmatic skills including conversation, turn taking and more.


Fluency addresses areas such as stuttering and cluttering. We work with clients on strategies for smooth speech.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Speech and language skills impacted by hearing loss, or deafness as well as auditory processing disorders.

Gross Motor Functioning

Gross motor skills addressed via teletherapy include coordination, posture, balance, and positioning.

Speech Production

These skills include articulation, phonology, and motor planning disorders such as Apraxia of Speech.


AAC (Augmented or Alternative Communication) is used to supplement or replace speech or writing.


We are able to work on writing via virtual writing tasks, parent support, and writing assistive support.

Executive Functioning

Executive motor skills include planning, organization, problem solving, and sequencing to complete daily activities.

Language Skills

Language skills includes listening, processing, speaking, and reading to express self and show understanding.


Literacy includes awareness of the sounds, print, and the relationship between letters and sounds.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills include manipulating small items, buttons, turning pages, eating, cutting with scissors, etc.

Sensory Regulation

Sensory regulation includes addressing sensory hypersensitivity, sensory stimulation, and support modifications.

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"I can't say enough good things about Connect Teletherapy's team. Our students are loving it!"

-Kelly M.

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-Bianca L.

"It is so cool! I am always so impressed with the online activities they come up with"

-Erica H.


"A BIG thanks to Connect Teletherapy for saving the day and providing us with therapists!"

-Tim R. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela