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Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Counseling Services

Online Therapy and Related Services for Schools

Connect Therapy is committed to providing  superior therapy services while surpassing geographical and physical hurdles. Additionally, we connect schools to licensed therapists who are familiar with state IEP processes, related services, and guidelines.

Public Schools

We partner with schools across the country to fulfill IEP related services.

Online Schools

We collaborate with online schools to fulfill IEP related services.

Private Schools

We partner with private schools to provide therapy services.


We offer screenings to preschools for all children.

What Services Do We Offer Schools?

Related Services

Licensed Therapists


Team Collaboration

IEP Meetings

Online Documentation

Progress Reports

Flexible Contracts

Why Use Teletherapy?

Connect Teletherapy helps fill the gap that exists in schools with large caseloads, a shortage of SLPs, or fewer needs. Because of this, we provide exclusive and professional online speech and occupational therapy services. Our related services are delivered by highly qualified therapists who are never limited by location or transportation. In addition to this, our therapy platform includes live documentation, record sessions, and collaborate with team on a regular basis.

Why Trust Us

First and foremost, our we have an amazing team of therapists who genuinely care for their students. Remote clinicians are able to do everything that on-site speech language pathologists can do. This includes documentation, Individualized Education Program meetings, parent-teacher conferences, evaluations, and assessments. Additionally, we use various educational protocols to ensure that we comply with all HIPAA and FERPA standards.

Additional Questions?

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