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Fall and Halloween Activities with Children

By Connect Teletherapy | Oct 20, 2022

After months of leisure and unstructured free time in the summer, fall activities are a fantastic opportunity to get back into a routine and encourage children to spend as much time outside as possible. Many children spend most of their free time indoors, playing video games or scrolling through social media. Too much time spent…

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Teletherapy Designed for Kids: 5 Reasons Your Child Will Love Online Speech Therapy

By Connect Teletherapy | Mar 8, 2022

Our children have unique lived experiences that we will never quite relate to as adults. For instance, not only have Gen Z children grown up with the Internet and social media their whole lives, but they also spent the past two years attending school either entirely or partially online.  At this point, your tech-savvy kids…

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Teach Your Child Organizational Skills [Beginner’s Guide]

By Connect Teletherapy | Oct 7, 2021

Are you a dedicated parent who wants to see their child succeed? Of course you are! Watching your child struggle with their daily tasks and feeling like you are at a loss on how to help is difficult. Parenting is hard but it shouldn’t be so difficult to where you feel helpless when it comes…

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How to Recognize a Receptive Language Disorder

By Connect Teletherapy | Aug 25, 2021

A receptive language disorder can often fly under the radar until a child is school-aged. Is can be difficult to recognize a receptive language delay in children under 3 years old. When learning letters and how to read, parents and teachers often begin to see signs a child is struggling. Receptive language disorders affect how…

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Tips for Maintaining Social Skills over the Summer

By Connect Teletherapy | Jun 9, 2021

Many children have been limited in social interactions over the last 14 months. If your child has delays in their pragmatic skills, this may have affected them more than others. With school out for the summer, it’s important to maintain their social skills. Here are five tips for maintaining social skills over the summer break.…

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Speech Therapy for the /r/ Sound

Speech Exercises to Produce the /r/ Sound

By Connect Teletherapy | May 26, 2021

The /r/ sound is important in speech. It is considered a high-frequency sound. This means that it occurs more often in the English language than most other sounds. The only sounds that occur more often are the /n/ and /t/ sounds. Is your child able to produce the /s/ sound? Most children will master the…

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Mental Health Over Spring Break

By Connect Teletherapy | Mar 25, 2021

We are nearing Spring break which means Spring fever! Parents and teachers may notice students having a tougher time focusing during school or, pretty much all the time, right now.

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Ways Online Therapy Can Be Implemented in a Traditional School Setting

By Connect Teletherapy | Feb 23, 2021

Over the course of the last year, many schools have been taking an alternative approach to learning. Some students are distance learning, while some are going to school part-time. As COVID-19 cases decrease, students will begin moving back into a classroom setting. While online learning may decrease, online therapy doesn’t have to. Whether your school…

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Teletherapy for Children with Autism

Teletherapy for Children with Autism

By Connect Teletherapy | Feb 12, 2021

Teletherapy for Children with Autism

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