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Speech Sound Production Developmental Timeline

The biggest fear as a parent is wondering if your child’s speech sound production is developing as normally as their peers. The problem is, most parents aren’t also childcare professionals. To an untrained eye, if a child is still mixing up “th” sounds at the beginning and ends of words when they enter the second…

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Increasing your Child’s Expressive Language Skills

How can you get involved? Feeling like your child is falling behind in their communication and expressive language skills can be tough but if you’re reading this then you’re on the right path to making proactive steps to improve your child’s development. But where do you start? This is a question we hear a LOT;…

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The Human Connection and Virtual Speech Therapy

virtual speech therapy

The Journey to Connect Teletherapy The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association considers telepractice a relevant approach to speech therapy. When considering virtual speech therapy, there could be concerns if a true connection can be missed. Can a bond be created via virtual therapy? Do clients miss out on learning true social skills? However, there are so many…

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