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Tips to Help your Child GRASP the Pincer Grip

Tips to Help your Child GRASP the Pincer Grip

By Connect Teletherapy | Feb 4, 2021

Tips to Help your Child GRASP the Pincer Grip

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If your child continues to struggle with the /s/ sound, it may be time to find a speech and language therapist.

Tips for Helping Your Child Produce /s/

By Connect Teletherapy | Feb 1, 2021

By age six, a child should be well versed in saying words with the /s/ and /z/ sounds. If your child has difficulty with the /s/ sound, this is typically considered a lateral lisp. You may also notice your child has difficulty producing /z/ sounds as well if your child is not able to produce /s/. A lateral lisp can sound like a child has too much saliva in their mouth and can result in a slushy quality of speech.

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4 Ways to Work on Your Child’s Occupational Therapy Skills During The Holiday Break

By Connect Teletherapy | Nov 23, 2020

Occupational therapy is designed to help people overcome setbacks related to poor motor skills. These setbacks may make it difficult for children to perform well in school, and occupational therapy can work on skills children need, such as writing and typing or tying their shoes.

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Tips to Help your Child’s Speech and Language Skills over the Holiday Break

By Connect Teletherapy | Nov 17, 2020

During the school semester, your child gets plenty of support with their speech and language skills. However, once the winter break starts, consistent practice can lessen. Especially for students who have trouble with their speech and language skills, it’s important to continue practicing these skills even when they do not have speech therapy sessions. Practicing…

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How to Promote Resilience in Kids

By Connect Teletherapy | Nov 11, 2020

Everyone is capable of working through challenges and coping with stress, even children. Resilience is a person’s ability to recover from stress, adversity, failure, and challenges. Resilience isn’t something people have or don’t have. This is a skill that people can develop as they grow. Resilient people are more likely to take healthy risks because…

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Reading comprehension skills and strategies can be improved upon, but the first step is to identify a problem. Here are four signs that your child may be struggling with reading comprehension

Does Your Child Struggle with Reading Comprehension?

By Connect Teletherapy | Nov 3, 2020

Children will be expected to read to learn very early in their academic careers. Most children learn to read in the first and second grades, and beginning in the third grade, their work will center around finding facts and identifying important points in reading passages. This can pose a problem if the child has difficulties…

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Executive Functioning Skills

By Connect Teletherapy | Oct 25, 2020

Does Your Child Need Help with Executive Functioning Skills? Executive functioning skills have a huge impact on our lives. From making decisions to planning and organizing tasks, we use these types of skills every single day. Children who struggle with executive functioning skills can suffer in a variety of ways. They may have trouble starting…

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Social Pragmatic Skills

Social or Pragmatic Skills

By Connect Teletherapy | Oct 19, 2020

Social pragmatic language is the language we use when we are in another person’s presence, even if we do not directly interact with them. Social pragmatic language includes verbal and nonverbal communication. Many of these skills come naturally to some people, but not everyone excels with understanding social pragmatic language.  A diagnosis of Social Communication…

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Top 5 Reasons Children Need Therapy

By Connect Teletherapy | Oct 12, 2020

It’s not uncommon for children and teens to have problems that affect how they feel, act, or learn. If these problems interfere with your child’s everyday life, it may be necessary to get therapy. In therapy, kids can talk about and learn how to resolve their problems. Counseling can help with various issues, including fine…

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