Virtual Therapy Services

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Speech and Occupational Therapy

Providing Your Child With Professional Online Therapy Services

Connect Teletherapy helps to make speech therapy accessible to every child. Indeed, parents will no longer need to worry about location barriers, wait lists, and time conflicts. Our therapists are able to provide quality services through our interactive therapy platform from anywhere in the country. Moreover, kids have shown an increase in participation when receiving virtual therapy services. Undoubtedly, virtual speech and occupational therapy services are the way of the future!

How Does Teletherapy Work?


To get started, you need a computer with audio and visual capabilities, wifi, and headphones to prevent background noise. 

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Occupational Therapy

We use items around the home such beads and blocks or send manipulative kits to your home to use during virtual sessions. 

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We offer basic screenings for free as well as full initial assessments with reports and recommended goals. 

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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy sessions are even more interactive with use of speech and language apps and interactive activities.

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Our Platform

Each client has their own dashboard which includes schedule, shared resources, assessment information, and more. 

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Evidence Based Practice

Did you know that almost all of the research done on teletherapy shows it to be as successful as traditional methods?

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Benefits for Children and Parents

Parents can take advantage of various benefits, including no commute or extra travel time to therapy sessions, more flexibility with schedules, and access to top-notch therapists. Children enjoy interacting with therapists virtually with a wider range of activities and choices. Additionally, families can collaborate and communicate more than ever with therapists to ensure successful treatment.

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